Friday, September 02, 2005

Barely Worth a Glance

Monday, August 15, 2005 Jerry, The Opera: No Funding Pressure... A tour of Jerry Springer, The Opera is in doubt, and some are saying it's because Arts Council England bowed to pressure from religious groups and denied funding. But a Council spokesperson says: "The decision not to provide funding for the tour was financial, as the musical was already a 'commercial success', and not over fears of a religious backlash. It is nonsense to say that the Arts Council has refused to fund the tour of Jerry Springer over fears of protests from Christian groups, or anyone else." BBC 08/15/05


Yet Another Mozart Festival


Hip-Hopping Mozart "The home of Britain's classiest opera parties is about to strike out in a new direction by staging 'hiphopera', complete with f-words and rap music, in the country house setting of Glyndebourne. The transformed version of Mozart's masterpiece is part of an increasingly successful attempt to draw new, and particularly young, audiences to the venue, which has a largely unfair but deep-rooted image of exclusivity and expense." (Re: Cosi) The Guardian (UK) 08/14/05


Mozart “Buffets”


Lecture: Hidden Symbolism in the Early Flute Sonata No. 62 in G by Pierre Solieux.


BYOH: The Latest In Personalizing The Concert Experience The strangest new trend in live concertgoing is all about pretending that you're actually alone. Rather than piling up walls of speakers to pump sound into a room, several music festivals have begun providing a bank of headphone jacks for people to plug in their personal ear gear, and the whole room rocks in what sounds to a non-participant like silence. "The idea of a live show experienced solely through headphones originated eight years ago in France when a Paris musician named Erik Minkkinen streamed a concert from his closet. As the story goes, three people in Japan tuned in. Despite the tiny audience, the idea evolved into a decentralized organization under the name le placard, or the closet, a kind of open-source music festival where anyone can establish a streaming and/or listening room." Wired 08/31/05


Lecture: An Implication/Realization Model of Mozart’s Symphony No. 25


Oboist's Tell-All Is A Juicy Read
"Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music," (Atlantic Monthly Press, $24), a tell-all memoir by oboist and journalist Blair Tindall, zooms in on the unseemly, dysfunctional side of classical music. ...


In Praise Of Mozart's Wife Mozart owed a lot of his success to his wife. "Constanze and her sisters were brought up in Mannheim, a centre of musical excellence. And, in addition to the sophistication she absorbed from this artistic milieu, she was intelligent - speaking excellent Italian and French as well as her native German. In many ways, she was an ideal wife for a composer. Mozart himself was firmly of that opinion." The Guardian (UK) 09/01/05



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